The Errant Apprentice is a webcomic created in 2006 by Kevin Hayman, (Kota’s World). It is a modern fantasy where magic returned in the world 1970s and a young man named Terry attempts to become a knight. It is a continuing story but does have a prearranged end in sight.


The world of The Errant Apprentice is similar to, but different than our own. The division of the Catholic Church never occurred and they adopted more protestant approaches to faith than ours.

The Real World

This is the domain of humanity. It is where we all live and where magic returned in the 70s.

The Everywhen

An unexplored fantasy realm with some connection to the real world. Very few humans are ever allowed to visit. Its true nature and layout are unknown to the common person. The Fantastics claim that this is where they and the world’s magic were hiding. It is rumored that it is the domain of the elusive Greenman.


On February 27, 1975, the world changed. It was subtle; no one noticed at first. Perhaps it was the number of short, hairy men applying for hard labor jobs. It may have been the few pale, thin folk walking the streets and looking curious. Something was off.

The dragon settled it. News around the country carried the story: A massive, winged Green Dragon wound itself around the Empire State Building and looked down upon its new domain. The world had entered a new era.

There was some degree of panic. People were definitely frightened by what was happening. Mythical creatures were turning up all over the globe, in every continent and culture. In the southern United States, a plague of Red Dragons struck. Basilisks hit Arkansas. Gnomes showed up everywhere. Local law enforcement was at a loss. They turned to the states. The states turned to the federal government. The federal government turned to INS. INS said they were all at lunch and would get back to them. The more civilized of these “fantastics” would eventually gain citizenship, or became legally accepted aliens.

The problem of the more dangerous creatures, however, continued to be a concern. It was shocking how uniformly things began to break down at that point. Rallies were held and no government across the world stepped up to handle the problem. It was a matter of jurisdiction. Then the Church got involved and settled things down.

The Pope held a summit of world leaders in August of 1975 and made an arrangement. They would form a new order of knights to specifically handle Fantastics. They would answer to the Church and the new order with the understanding that they would be respect the laws of each nation, but not be bound by them. They would be Holy Mercenaries. Thus began the Holy Order of St. George the Dragon Slayer. A Council was set up to govern internal affairs and essentially “watch the watchmen”.

Now, mankind lives along side Dwarves, Gnomes, and various other creatures of myth and legend in a stable environment.