I’ve got a lot of people to thank today, so please bare with me. First, thank you to the several people who’ve donate money via Paypal recently. You guys have managed to pay for my groceries this week. I won’t name you here, but you know who you are and it’s appreciated deeply.

Thank you to David Davis, Riordan Flynn, Victor Couwenbergh and everyone else who’s been keeping me supplied with filler for the last few weeks. Things have been tough and you’ve been very very helpful and kind.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you. Every single one of you that reads the Errant Apprentice. It hasn’t been an easy time to be a fan of the series and I want you to know how much your loyalty as readers has meant to me. Updates are starting back up slowly and I’ll try my best to keep at it. You guys are all awesome and make this story worth telling.

See you guys at the next update.