William Feist Paranormal Investigator is an ongoing series about the least likable guy you’ve ever met being the only one who can solve your problem. Naturally attuned to magic, William Feist, and his partner, Rae Parker take Paranormal cases out of their New York City office.  Explore a mysterious world full of magic, werewolves, ghosts, and the undead. What will you find?


About the Creators 

Back in 2003 Calvin Garcia and Vaughn Reynolds contacted one another to work on a comic. They couldn’t see eye to eye on anything and continued to throw ideas around for the next 5 years. After a long night of Xbox 360 and coffee Calvin wrote a terrible script about a Demon special interest group that wanted to take back what was rightfully theirs (the earth). Around the same time Vaughn had been kicking around an idea about a detective who was addicted to heroine and he traveled the country solving strange murders. Vaughn salvaged what he could from Calvin’s script and here today we have William Feist.


Calvin Garcia

Artist and master of all that you see before you. Calvin has been feverishly honing his skills since 2008. With a deep love for the medium of comics Calvin strives to make better and better comics. Always experimenting Calvin continues to learn and tries to make William Feist the best that he can.

Vaughn Reynolds

Writer and architect of the world of William Feist, Vaughn prefers to stay in the shadows, and quietly create.