So, rather than you people think I’ve disappeared and am not making comics anymore, I’m just popping in to let you guys know what’s going on.

Item 1-

A lot of stuff is going on at the day job and it’s demanding more of me physically and mentally. So that means less desired time to put into making the comic.

Item 2-

As I mentioned in item 1, I have less energy for making the comic, and rather than cobble together some garbage pages like I had done in a few of the previous posts, I figured you people would appreciate a well crafted good looking well paced page. Page 174 is trash, and if I had more time and energy 175 would’ve been colored with a lot more attention to detail. I’m actually quite fond of 175.


Item 3-

Where does that leave us? I don’t know right now. I haven’t stopped working on William Feist. I’ve just been working on it at a slower pace. ┬áHaving a talk with a co worker, he mentioned that you’re only as good as your last piece of work. My last few pieces of work aren’t good and I feel that I’m better than them. ┬áSo I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. working on stronger layouts, better overall artwork and great pacing. I can’t imagine waiting weeks and having a 2 panel page pop up. It would infuriate me. I think my plan will be to finish out the issue and then post them 5 times a week. I cared so much about page views and spent hours reading up on the craft of webcomics. Getting people to come back, and all the little tricks and things other creators do, but honestly page views don’t mean anything to me anymore. Nor do facebook likes or being circled in google+. I just want to make a good comic and share it with people. I want you to follow us on social media not to inflate my stupid ego, but so that you know new stuff is posted for you.


In the end my goal is to have you guys holding completely colored finished copies of William Feist TPBs in your hands. It’s another thing I’ve focused on, but honestly I don’t have the time energy or know how to even put it together. It’s something I want to learn and I want it to be great.


Last but not least. I’m also working on my other piece of the crossover with Barry Linck’s Phineus. With the energy I have left from work I had to put it on the back burner to get Feist pages out, but with the current schedule being what it is I figure I shouldn’t put it off any longer. Also it’s fun as hell to draw Barry’s characters. So gang until next time. read Phineus, read The errant apprentice. Those guys put in a lot of time and care into their books and they’re always here delivering goodness on a daily. Riot and I are the shifty ones who disappear in the thick of the night. Search us out on Facebook, @kingvmr @calvinwalvin for twitter updates, and WilliamFeist is on google+ so pick one and follow.


All the best gang,