A lot of people have been crying lately about things they know and love being destroyed or ruined. Be it comic books or video games or movies or TV; someone is always complaining about their favorite things being ruined.

I’m here to tell you it’s not them it’s you.

Companies will do what they do. They create products to make money, and that’s it. Certainly the people they get to create the products are in it for the love of it but in the end it’s about the almighty dollar. It’s on you to find things that are good, and cherish them while you can because inevitably when it gets popular, everything you liked about it will be ruined. When the mainstream gets involved things get watered down. It’s an eventuality that we can’t fight. 



I loved The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was a kid, but I wasn’t reading Eastman and Laird’s turtles. Yet when I heard about Michael Bay Re-imagining the turtles I was angry. I felt like ” What gives that shit head the right?!”




I’m sure that before me there were guys sitting in comic shops just talking about how much the turtles are being ruined with their commercialization. How the turtles will be changed forever and ruined. The 90’s must have been rough for those guys. Guys who lived and died with the turtles only to see them whored out for toys video games and movies that totally ignored everything the turtles were.


I’m here to tell you. Move on or suffer. As you get older your tastes change and the things they created for you at one time are no longer created for you.



I can’t tell you how many message board posts I’ve read of people complaining about what Resident Evil 6 isn’t instead of what it is. It does just about what every other game with guns out there does and yet some how since it has the name Resident Evil it’s not allowed to grow at all, and has garnered tons of negative reviews. People come in with their preconceived notions of what they think it should be and I’m here to tell you that regardless of what it is when you do that you will most certainly be let down. You’ve hyped up something so big in your mind you can only be let down by it.

Final Fantasy has seen nasty scrutiny for it’s various places, the most coming from it’s hardcore “fans”. They’ve complained on countless occasions about how the series has been changed forever for the bad by the latest iteration of the game. Square Enix is continually bashed all over the internet, and for what? Growing as a company? Growing as developers? They created the cast of Final Fantasy 13, Lightning in particular to be like Cloud of Final Fantasy 7. Yet the cast is frequently called angst whores by the Final Fantasy diehards.


What changed here?




You changed. Final Fantasy from almost the outset has been full of angst and melodrama, but the only difference was you were young and couldn’t recognize it. You got older. Your tastes changed, and here we are thirteen years later and now you’re stomping your feet about how the creators lost sight of what made them awesome.


It wasn’t them. It was you.

It’s time to move on. There’s plenty of things out there for adults to enjoy. I’m not saying to move on to boring stuffy movies like Lincoln or act like you can tolerate Wes Anderson, but recognize that you’re not in the demographic anymore and it’s time to move on and find new things. And if you’re not going to move on, set that expectation bar low. The internet is full of complaint chatter. We don’t need anymore adding to it.