So this is the cover to Justice League issue 17. While I honestly don’t care that Superman and Wonder Woman are together, this cover struck a nerve with me. First of all Big Blue and Wondie holding hands is gross, and weird. I can deal with all the kissy face in the book, all the sharing of culture stuff. That’s fine, but this is just too weird. I can liken it to one of my friends coming over and lovingly resting his beard stubble on my face. It just un-nerves me.

Second, This is supposed to be something they’re keeping secret from the Justice League, so them standing there holding hands is just flat out wrong. I know it’s nit picking. I know I’m coming off as comic book guy but I feel like there should be some form of continuity on a comic cover.

Comic covers have always been used like yellow journalism, often over hyping what’s inside of them or using the cover to completely misdirect the reader, but that’s not the case here. This is just an odd happenstance that the continuity of the what’s happening in the universe is ignored.

Batman has used brother eye to spy on them! Here they are just standing there giving the whole thing away. The worst part is that no one in editorial looked at this and went….”Eh..I don’t know about this hand holding thing here.”

All in all these second covers have been looking good.  I enjoy the Justice League comic as a whole, and look forward to it on a monthly basis.


Till next time kids.