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So, as I was counting how I was doing with my page count so far this year (40 so far), I got to thinking,just how many pages I have done in my adult life.

Now I drew a lot in Middle/High School, but none is very professional. So I counted all the pages I’ve done since leaving High School. This does not count sketches or most pinups. It counts story pages, covers and the odd professional pinup. It also doesn’t count non comic artwork.

As a rough estimate I’d say @ 800+ pages done since 1988. Keep in mind 199 of those were done last year and another @ 100 the year before. My output is escalating. And I gotta say, my quality has vastly improved as well. Something to be said for the more you draw the better you get.

As Chuck Jones once said to me,” Every artist has a certain number of bad drawings in them, the key is to get those out of the was early.”.

Practice , practice, practice.

Rock on…