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So, to give me a bit of room while I get the next chrnological episode done (trying to get the whole thing finished before posting, that way no off-days), this episode will be the story I did this past weekend at the 24hr Comic Day I hosted at my local comic shop, Pulp Fiction. For those of you who don’t know, 24hr Comic Day is a world-wide event where comic create hole up somewhere and create a full 24pg comic book from beginning to end in 24 consecutive hours. This was my second shot at the challenge, and my second successful completion! This 24pg story leads up to “First Date” and begins, right here, with Chloe’s birth on Slatheen 7! For the sake of posting here on the site, I have colored the pages and re-lettered over my sloppy chicken-scratch. I hope you guys enjoy!

As with every episode, the opening credits were provided by Zac Freundt. Zac and Freux do a comic called Luciefer, and everyone should go show them some love.