Hey gang. Remember when I used to do things like update my comics? Me neither.

Pretty much came back from Christmas and hit the ground running. The wedding’s only a few months away now, so there’s a giant pile of “HOLY SHIT, WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE!” to do. Not to mention the cards I have to do for The Avengers movie (which got off to a late start due to a printing delay, so it’s crunch time on that) and Marvel Beginnings. The picture above is pretty much where I spend most of my time these days: chained to the table in my office/cave, spending way too long on each card because I’m making myself crazy (and because I would like to keep getting work doing this) and barely keeping ahead of deadlines for contract work. Sorry for the blurry bits, but I’m not allowed to show any of the cards I’ve done until they’re approved by Marvel…so I just played it safe and assumed that went for the printed sides of them as well.

This whole, “Oh, right. Paid work is necessary to keep the lights on and the beer cold” thing has left me almost no time for my webcomics. I’ll be honest guys, updates on my end are going to be pretty sporadic for a while. It’ll easily be February before I’m able to update The Path or Bastard Who any more than once a week.

BUT, there are still plenty of comics to read here at Old Dying Kitty! William Feist and Phineus: Magician for Hire are still updating on their regular schedules, so get to readin’! Plus a NEW title, “Cutters Field” by Chris Waterman, will be joining the ODK family VERY soon! Keep an eye out!

‘Till February, gang!