So, I got the final word yesterday: I’ll be doing sketch cards for Upper Deck’s The Avengers movie line of trading cards. I am understandably bat-shit crazy excited over this, as The Avengers have been my favorite super-team my whole life. Contract and stuff will be here tomorrow and I’ve been given the go ahead to run through the streets announcing that I’m a part of it. This is my second Avengers-related gig, as I also did a cover for the Hero Initiative’s New Avengers 100 Project (which turned out to be a real learning experience on psyching myself out). My cover is in the book published by Marvel and I proudly have two copies on my bookshelf.

I also found out that I’ll be doing a second set of sketch cards for another project through Upper Deck: Marvel Beginnings 2.

This, honestly, couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been so busy with freelance and contract work that I’ve had to neglect my own comics, and I’ve been in a bit of a slump creatively as a result. This is going to be one big kick in the pants to get me motivated again. I’m already practicing drawing the stars of the movie so I can really knock these cards out of the park.