Help me pay my bills and get some sweet sketch cards in return!

As most of you know, I lost my full-time employment a little bit ago. While freelance work has been keeping my head above water…well…bills can’t help but pile up. So, in an attempt to start alleviating my current financial problems, I’m going to start putting sketch cards and sketch cards by request up for sale each week. I’ve decided that 12 is a manageable number for both 2.5″x3.5″ ($5) and 5″x7″ ($10) FULL COLOR sketch cards each week (on top of my freelance duties). The pre-done sketch cards will be chosen, well, at random (by closing my eyes and flipping to a page in the binder I keep them in). If you don’t see one you want, well, that’s what the custom ones are for!

So, click on the link (or the Dalek) for the ODK Comics store! Rent’ll be due before I know it!